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  • T. Barnes Now, I'm gonna be layin on the floor sore all day! 🤣🤣🤣 Thanks Cliff Lewis (DJ C-Note) for keepin' me youthful!

  • Had a great time and best of all my mom had a great birthday she was so happy thank you so much cuz! M. Mincey for the hook up!

  • Cliff Lewis (DJ C-Note) it definitely was worth it 100% and thanks for the ol skool music U TOOK IT BACCCKKKKK🤣

  • And thank you for providing us with some GREAT music!

  • Your music traveled all the way to the pool area  yesterday. your def doing your thing DJ C-Note and it sounded great !!

  • H. White "I sat around for a lil while....Yeah DJ CNote is a beast; he understands the crowd, mixes are crazy, and he will listen to your request.  If you're not booking CNote good luck on your event"

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